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Our Legacy

Since 1961, ELS has dedicated every effort to create international pathways for over 1.25 million students from more than 178 countries to achieve their personal and professional goals, by providing them with English preparation and professional higher education counseling.

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, ELS has established a strong network of over 1,900 education counseling offices in more than 100 countries and facilitates millions of students aspiring to study in the US. ELS has created more than 650 university direct entry pathways and maintains over 84 pathway centers around the world with 58 of them located on university campuses.

ELS has more than 55 years of leadership in international education, offering the largest network of campus-based English language instruction centers in the world, with 80+ study locations in Canada, China, Europe, India, Malaysia and USA. ELS Certification is a top standard of proof of English proficiency in North America. More than 650+ colleges and universities worldwide accept completion of the ELS intensive English for Academic Purposes program demonstration of English proficiency for their admission requirement. ELS annually facilitates enrollment of thousands of international students into degree programs, thus expanding their future opportunities.

ELS expanded its horizons in 2010 establishing ELS International Education Pathways in India, with headquarters in Chennai and branch offices in Bangalore, and Hyderabad. ELS in India offers Counselling and Admissions Services to students aspiring to study abroad and English Language Training for academic purposes & for students and professionals seeking to improve their communication skills for work environment.

Through internet, websites, local seminars and presentations, telephone counseling and face-to-face advising, ELS brings international counseling to students, helping them to choose those institutions which most closely match their academic qualifications, career ambitions and financial means.

About Us

55+ Golden Years


of International Students

admitted to colleges, universities and postgraduate studies in institutions of higher learning.


Students from more than 140 countries

mastering English and study skills for success in higher education, careers and life.


of English Language Centre graduations

mastering English and study skills for success in higher education, careers and life.


ELS Graduate Success Stories

from heads of government and top researchers to internationally successful musicians, artists, athletes and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.

About Us

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

ELS India aspires to be the undisputed leader in providing international higher education pathways to students offering insightful counseling and admission services. We will lead through the use of information systems in providing customer service solutions and a wide network of strategically located channel partners throughout India, where ELS-certified counselors will serve the best interests of students seeking guidance and assistance to select an appropriate program of study and university consistent with their personal preferences, ambitions, financial, and academic capabilities.

Mission Statement

Make ELS India the most trusted counseling partner providing unparalleled, world-class international education counseling and admission services for students and their parents seeking educational opportunities abroad while creating a transparent platform for international higher education institutions to promote and recruit students from India. Establish and expand campus-based English Language Centers in India catering to growing international students in India. Create a cohesive work environment and culture that will make ELS India, one of the best companies to work.

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