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Currently there are no open positions at ELS India, but please email us your resume at so that we have it on file for any future positions.


ELS is the largest network of campus-based English language instruction centers in the world, with more than 55 study locations in the USA and Canada, as well as additional centers around the globe. Over the past 50 years, ELS has helped more than one million international students from over 140 countries learn English quickly and effectively. Additionally, each year, ELS places thousands of international students in US colleges and university degree programs.

ELS presents many different and fulfilling career opportunities. With the addition of our academic counseling centers in China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam, we expect continued growth of our staff at ELS. So that we may meet and exceed the needs of our students, colleges and universities, we will hire those who wish to exceed the academic, professional and social expectations of our clients throughout the world.

ELS provides a supportive and culturally rich work environment. We are committed to establishing opportunities for personal and professional development for our employees.

Our staff, from throughout the world, provides aculturally rich work environment. If you have an interest in languages and a commitment to education, consider working at ELS and sharing our goal of providing students with an outstanding cultural and linguistic learning experience.

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