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Nowadays, the number of international students choosing Europe as the destination for overseas education is increasing every year. The varied job opportunities in whole of European Union and reasonable tuition fees are boon to international students which results in increase of international students to Europe. The immigration policy for international students is friendly and conducive. Europe is rich in culture and also welcoming for international students which effects in great international experience. It is always advantageous for students to know local language even though the language of instruction in university will be in English, international students can learn native language at the university itself.
Students choose Europe because of the high standard of education, state-of-art research facilities, friendly international experience and the stay back option offered to students after graduation. These combined factors act as pathway for students to choose European universities for higher education.

Bachelor’s in Europe:

There are many institutions/universities in Europe for international student to pursue their bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree (approximately 210 ECTS credits) in Europe is typically three years/ seven semesters, because in the curriculum general courses are not offered for students instead the student would directly study the courses related to ‘major’ they applied to. General Education courses are not directly linked to ‘major’ but are foundation courses before student dive into ‘major’ courses which is usually the case in US universities (four years). Certain programs offer Co-op option (internship opportunities) during bachelor degree, as these internship prospect will give the students opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and also gain valuable practical experience. In regards to admission, an international student is required to submit English proficient test score (IELTS/TOEFL) along with academic transcript and for certain programs the students may also require to fulfill additional requirements like Skype interviews and submitting essays.

Master’s in Europe:

One can do master’s degrees from varied disciplines like arts, politics, business, science, engineering and so on. The duration of master’s degree is two years. The total credit requirements required to complete the degree vary from 90-120 ECTS credits according to the program one chooses. In regards to admission, international students are required to submit English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL) score along with other documents like transcripts, resume, Letters of Recommendation and essays. Certain degrees would also require additional requirement like Skype interview with director of the program and presentation on topic apart from the usual application procedure. MBA programs require GMAT test score for admission and it is always recommended for students to take GMAT if one wants to pursue for business related master programs. Student are offered the option to choose specialization which are offered under the major they pursue. The students are also given the opportunity to gain practical exposure through internships in order to complete the degree for some Master’s program.

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