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Students in India demonstrate good merit and ambition to pursue a degree outside their own country. They are inherently driven to excel in whatever they choose and their achievements later come to be a pride for India. Accomplishments and contributions by internationaly educated Indians to science, technology, and business have made and will continue to impact the world for years to come. Many students who gain international education also return to India and contribute positively to the economy and society.

Our offices in India, in conjunction with foreign universities and schools, promote quality education abroad. ELS is looking to assist highly qualified candidates with demonstrated talent in their major course of study and excellent academic grades and qualifications to explore their study abroad options. ELS will also endeavor to match U.S. institutions with Indian institutions for scholarly and student exchange, including joint delivery of 2+2, 3+1, and other joint degree programs recognized in both the USA and India.

We have established our offices to provide non-biased information and counseling to Indian students aspiring to study abroad. We aim to assist and advise them throughout the process, to find an institution that ideally matches their interests, objectives, aspirations, financial ability, and qualifications.

ELS India will work along with you to understand your institution’s internationalization goals and provide the right channels through our established worldwide network to explore the arenas of collaboration and international exchange.

With globalization, the world is not only getting closer but education is also undergoing a progressive transformation. The role of education is increasingly linked to global competition, and as educationists, we must encourage our students to bring out their best potential.

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