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United States has been the most preferred international education destination for Indian students for more than a decade. The total number of Indian students in USA has seen a steady increase as per the reports from the US Department of Homeland Security. More Indian students prefer US as their study abroad destination because an American degree is not only globally recognized, but also highly valued in the job market. With more than 4,000 colleges and universities, USA is the home for many of the world’s top institutions and admissions to these institutions require effective planning and preparation.

ELS offers quality assistance by taking a structured approach to help you achieve your dream of studying in USA. Our counselors will guide you through all the steps from careful selection of institutions matching your profile all the way to pre-departure and post-arrival assistance.

Flexible Education System

Education system in US is more flexible and decentralized than India. Students have freedom to choose their major field of study as well as the courses they would like to study each semester. The emphasis is on classroom interaction, project work, presentations and practical experience which prepare students for their professional life. Students also are encouraged to participate in cultural & community projects which make them well-rounded and confident individuals.

Universities in USA offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. They can be either a public (funded by state) or private institution (not-for-profit, for profit or religious affiliation).

Colleges award Bachelor degrees and Community Colleges award Associate Degrees which prepares students to transfer to a four year degree program.

Bachelor’s in the USA

Bachelor’s degrees in USA are of four years (approximately 120 credit hours) duration in general, though the actual duration may vary depending on the student’s background and achievements. The curriculum is flexible, holistic and emphasizes learning through practical applications. A typical undergraduate curriculum comprises of core courses as General Education Requirements (GER), courses related to major & minor and elective courses. Many universities offer co-op curriculum which allows international students to work and study in US at the same time. Students also have an option to complete an Associate degree in community colleges in USA, which comes as a cheaper option and then transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in a college or university. The application process may differ depending on the student’s interests and capabilities.

Master’s in the USA

Master’s programs in USA are of about two -years duration and offered in multiple disciplines like Engineering, Business, Technology and Life Sciences. Master of Science (MS) programs have thesis and non-thesis options, which students can choose according to their research interests and higher education plans, whereas Master of Engineering is a terminal degree and prepares one to join the work stream.

PhD in the USA

The doctoral programs in US are of 3 to 5 years’ duration. Scholarships in USA for doctoral students are abundant and offered in the form of graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships and fellowships. Most universities in USA require students to complete a Master’s degree in the respective discipline as an admission requirement and are expected to submit their research proposal during the application process.

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